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Buy 1 and Give 1 - World Health Mission

Together we can make a Difference

Millions of children around the world are suffering from 'hidden hunger', a lack of micronutrients that can lead to disease and even death. In fact, 45% of all childhood deaths are attributable to malnutrition.

At Well Roots, we know how important adequate nutrition is to lead a healthy, productive life, especially for children. To help those without access to sufficient daily nutrition, we created the Buy1: Give1 program and dedicated ourselves to making a real difference. With every product you purchase online at, we, along with our partners Vitamin Angels, will provide a specialized multivitamin to a child in need. The goal is to improve child health and save lives. With your help, we can work to make a real difference.

Check out the Kindness counter below that shows how many children have already been helped!

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To learn more about the work being done to provide good nutrition to children in need click here .

Photos © Matt Dayka/Vitamin Angels