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See Your Dollars In Action

Making the world a better place…one child at a time.

We created Well Roots to support good health and nutrition for everyone and make the world a better place. This may sound lofty and idealistic, but we believe through our partnership with Vitamin Angels and your help, we can make a difference and improve our world one child at a time.

That's why we are proud supporters of Vitamin Angels and the amazing work they continue to do across the world. It is truly inspirational to hear about the individual stories of children being helped, like Daniella in El Salvador.

Daniella has been receiving vitamin A through the clinic twice a year. Her mother Maria expressed her gratitude for Vitamin Angels’ contributions saying that with supplementation she had noticed a marked difference in Daniella’s health. She reported that since receiving vitamin A, Daniella gets sick less often and has greater energy overall. She wants her children to have a better chance in life than she has had and knows that the basis for all these things is good health. Vitamin A supplementation has been, and will be, a strong contributing factor to achieving her dreams for Daniella.

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See your money in action at home

Our partnership with Vitamin Angels supports children in need both at home and abroad. To see all the good your generous donation is going to do for those in need right here in the US, click here.

Photos © Matt Dayka/Vitamin Angels